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Polymer Products

Shree Polymers boast of its constant growth since inception in 1992 as the manufacturer and exporter of different types of polymer products. We are fabricating Polymer Peek Products, and Cast Polyurethane Products, with the vision to meet various requirements of customers. Having received appreciation from different clients, our polymer products are illustrated below:
  • Polymer Peek Products: These products are used for extreme engineering wherein there are high wear and pressure conditions. The material offers improved application performance, savings on cost and realizes high scope of design freedom. Few application areas of the peek polymers include gear pumps, valve plates & wear rings (in compressors), plunger pumps and others.

  • Cast Polyurethane Products: These are offered in sheet tubes, sheets, rods and other molded components. It is extremely resistant against chemicals. Its salient features are excellent thermal resistance, superior mechanical resistance and exceptional electrical resistance. The application areas of cast polyurethane products are castor wheels, mining screens, scrappers, buffers, slurry tube and others.