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Polysteel Parts in General Engineering We, Shree Polymers, provide chain guides, roller chain guides and other parts in general engineering, which are made out of polysteel, an environmentally friendly material that has higher strength, resistance to fire and durability. The parts developed from this material are more dimensionally stable and exudes the aforesaid properties. The polysteel scraps left after fabricating the parts are recycled to be used again for the fabrication. We are active at fabricating all kinds of polysteel parts in general engineering. Send us an inquiry or contact us directly to place an order today.
Shree Polymers is a preeminent Indian name in the field of manufacturing Polyurethane Products (clear and pigmented). These products are thermoset material and hence cannot be melted and reshaped repeatedly to form new products. These products are better than those made with plastics, metals and other customary elastomers. We can also offer Plastics Polyurethane products, as per client's requirements.

Manufacturing of Polyurethane Products
The products are formulated via a chemical reaction in which specific additives, isocyanates and polyols are combined together in particular quantities, under definitive conditions to make a specific polyurethane product. Generally, the material of formulation is in liquid form, prior to its combination and reaction with another one. Every one of this product is ideal for a specific application.

Features of Polyurethane Products
  • Acceptable standards of bonding to plastics, wood and metal
  • Good machine-ability
  • Good resistance against impact and shock
  • Good resistance against oil, grease and chemicals
  • Good resistance against ozone, radiation and oxygen
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Hydraulic stability
  • Sterling abrasion resistance

Our products have versatile uses in assorted applications such as manufacturing of different types of furniture like chairs, frames etc.