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Tinted Float Glass

Float Glass


Float glass, as the name suggests, is a flawless glass made by float glass process. Material, like ash (sodium carbonate), sand, soda, limestone, dolomite, salt cake, etc. are melted in a furnace. The resultant molten glass flows on the molten metal surface, forming a floating ribbon. The optical glass sheet is produced with a flat, smooth surface and of uniform thickness. Further, the glass is coated and annealed. An automated on-line inspection finds the faults that can be corrected. By getting in touch with Shree Polymer, one can avail float glass in any size and quantity. This type of glass is widely demanded by builders and designers for decorating a building. These are applicable on doors, railings, shower enclosures, retail displays, elevators, escalators, glass partitions, countertops, furniture, walls, flooring and interior and exterior glazing. Contact us today and make the best architectural use of these glasses.